Ageing population is one of the main challenges of this decade. As more and more elderly people live alone in single-person households even a physically active person can easily become lonely and isolated if does not have regular activities and social interactions.

Participation in cultural, physical activity programmes and other free-time activities, membership in elderly organizations or clubs reduce social isolation and exclusion therefore can reduce the risk of loneliness and its health consequences. Social interactions also play an important role in accessing information about health, health promotion, and disease prevention issues.

The main goal of the project is to increase the number of active elderly people by providing them with information about programmes and services.

Our aims are:

  • To share information between project partners on issues relating to active ageing and elderly people
  • To assess elderly people’s needs and opinion about their possibilities to lead an active life
  • To create a tool for local stakeholders which can be used to facilitate active elderly life
  • To share our experiences and develop the best ways to distribute them among stakeholders


Egészséges Városok Kárpát-Medencei Egyesülete

Lead partner



Dunajská Streda



Healthy Cities Association in the Carpathian Basin
Egészséges Városok Kárpát-medencei Egyesülete
Tel: +36 72 312 965

Project manager: Antonio de Blasio
Project coordinator: Zsuzsanna Nagy